Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kermit was wrong...

Kermit was wrong...

Kermit the frog was wrong. He said it's not easy being green but I disagree. Ghee has made it easy to be green thanks to the current round of Color Me Project. This outfit is just elegant and ladylike. The hat, dress, clutch and shoes are all from Ghee and they all come with a hud so it's not just one shade of green to choose from but multiple shades of green from deep emerald to a light celery and all are lovely. The draped collar and buttons at the waist are lovely details that add to the elegance of this dress and the hat is adjustable size wise bit for me fit beautifully right out of the box. If you are feeling a retro and chic this is the dress for you.

Hat, Dress, Clutch and Shoes: Ghee La Corelle Vert available at CMP
Hair: Paper Couture Parted Hair Base and Small Back Bun in Red
Jewelry: Lazuri Esme Set

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