Sunday, March 1, 2015


Comic Warhol copy

So I love this outfit, I was kind of at a loss how to style it at first, I tried several approaches but when I finally decided the cut of the dress was kind of retro I went with it and I think it worked out! The dress is another find from Fashion Art, the hat is one of my favorite hats from the super talented Kallisto Destiny of Drift, and I am loving the shoes from Hello Dave that have a comic book print! Now Warhol isn't really a comic book style artist, that belongs to Roy Lichtenstein but the two styles mixed well with this outfit and hey they are both Pop Artists, I am loving the bright colors since the skies in RL have been kinda of gray as of late, it's nice to have some color in my Second Life!

Dress: Sharick Retro Dress AW available at Fashion Art
Hat: Drift Pimpin Hat in Color Block
Bag: DDL Instant Crush in Blue
Shoes: Hello Dave Slingback Stiletto in Wonder Shoo
Necklace: Izzie's 50's Pearl Necklace in White
Earrings: Caroline's Torus Earrings in White
Bracelets: MM Resin Bangles Multi
Hair: RunAway Shaved Hairbase Tintable

Lipstick Red

Lipstick Red

Fashion Art opened today and I was watching the clock til it did and immediately tp'd in to do some damage to my linden bank account. It's a really fun event and I love the artist based theme. The dress is from AnaMarkova based on Andy Warhol's lipstick prints. The print on the front and solid black back with red cut out sleeves really pops and it's so busy I didn't want to add to much to it and take away from the dress itself. I added a wonderful necklace I also picked up at Fashion Art from Kunglers based on Frida Khalo called Frida Forever some black tights, and some shoes I grabbed while I was at Fashion Art from DE Boutique, they have a color pack and essential pack, I got both! Topped it all off with my Lode Dark Fragrance hat, some modern earrings and my look was completed. I will blog some more things from the event, it's a lot of fun so go and get some wearable art!

Dress: AnaMarkova Warhol Lipstick Dress available at Fashion Art
Necklace: Kunglers Frida Forever in Black available at Fashion Art
Shoes: DE Boutique AW15 Juliette Heel the Essentials Pack available at Fashion Art
Tights: Izzie's Sheer Tights in Black
Earrings: Apple May Designs Moderno Earrings in Black
Hair: enVogue Inna from the Dark Grey Pack
Hat: Lode Dark Fragrance Hat in Red

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Complimentary Color

Complimentary Color

Black is usually my go to color in my SL and RL wardrobe, maybe because it's easy to work with, some roots I have in NYC so I got used to wearing it or I just like it, whatever the reason though to step outside that comfort zone is easy it just doesn't happen often. So what happened that made me step away from that norm? It was pretty simple, a friend of mine, Alecat Breda of N4RS  was nominated for 3  awards at the SL Adult Industry Awards (2 of which he won! Congrats hon!). Ale's partner and mine were both busy in RL so he asked me to accompany him. I asked what I should wear and being the creative soul that he is, he said green because it compliments your red hair. As a RL art educator (and red head) I know a lot about color theory and green being the complimentary color to red it does look good on a red head, so I went with it. The invitation said "sexy/formal" but I also wanted classy so after some serious hit and misses and a lot of time on marketplace I ran across this Topazia dress. I was unsure at first but once I put it on, adjusted my Maitreya mesh body for it and chose hair I was in love with it. Sexy, formal yet still classy. Everything I wanted and then some. The addition of some nice jewelry and I was set. It was a great event, I felt confident and was so happy to be able to celebrate an amazing creator and friend. Congrats Ale on your awards and thank you for a lovely evening!

Dress: Topazia Hortense Gown in Dark Green
Hair: enVogue Inna from the Dark Reds Pack
Jewelry:  Lazuri Royal Blush All in One Set
Rings: Lazuri Perles de Gloire Set
Body: Maitreya Mesh - Lara
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Casual Hands

Friday, February 27, 2015

More Uber Goodness

Uber (Chapter4)

The Uber goodness just keeps on coming! Today it's all about my SEUL fringe skirt. I grabbed it at Uber and to be honest I had a whole other idea on styling it with boots and a white blouse and some boho jewelry but I was going through my inventory and found this fur poncho by IAF and I went with it. The hair is from Lelutka one of the newer releases called Aaliyah it uses their new color hud which I am liking but I do kinda miss all my hair bases not just automatically matching, maybe there have new bases and I just haven't grabbed them yet. I went with a root fade from the hud and it had sort of a Khloe Kardashian feel to it. I could see her in the short tight fringe skirt and fur poncho. The shoes are another fav of mine from Uber by Just Designs. FYI READ THE ENCLOSED NOTECARD! This pair of shoes comes with socks also and you have to read the notecard what socks to wear with what shoes if you want to know which ones will work with your mesh body. For instance if you need the Maitreya socks you have to wear the Belleza shoes. Once I had that all sorted out though was loving them! The bench and rug from Junk is also at Uber as well as the wall art from Tarte. I don't know if I will blog much more from Uber, I still have a ton of things I haven't yet but we will see how it goes, Snow days have allowed me a little more blogging fun this week than I normally get! :-)

Skirt: SEUL Fringe Skirt in Brown available at Uber
Poncho: IAF Fur Poncho in Brown
Shoes: JD Just Design Boho in Vintage Brown available at Uber
Jewelry: Mandala Soul2 in Brown
Hair: Lelutka Aaliyah from the Range Pack
Bench: junk. Boho Spring Bench  available at Uber
Rug: junk. Round Boho Rug in Brown  available at Uber
Wall Art: tarte. Boho Wall Art from the Sky Boho Collection  available at Uber

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boho Beauty

Uber (Chapter3)

My third post on things to spend your lindens on at Uber. There is soooo much stuff there I really loved and way to little time to blog it all. The skirt and top from Foxes is way cute, love the design on both pieces because it adds to the look rather than overwhelms it. The coin jewelry from Izzies I like way better "in person" than I did on the vendor photo and I am loving the hair from Little Bones. I have to tell you about the Sideboard from N4RS. The detail on this thing is nothing short of perfect, The chrome handles are just wow and the textures are clean, clear and crisp, love the color and the add touches of the painted door fronts. It's a incredibly well made piece of furniture AND it comes with a copper bowl, incense AND wall hanging. That's a generous designer! The make up tray with the bottle and the plant sitting on the sideboard are also from Aria's set at Uber called Willa and it feeds my need for details. I was able to make my mesh body work with this outfit so a big plus there! So thank you designers and creators for some really great stuff added to my inventory!

Top and Skirt: Foxes Tarot in Red2 available at UBER
Necklace and Bracelets: Izzies Coin Jewelry in Gold available at UBER
Hair: Little Bones Windsong from the Reds Pack available at UBER
Sideboard: N4RS Boho Sideboard available at UBER
Make-up Tray: Aria Willa Decorative Make-up Tray available at UBER
Plant: Aria Willa Potted Phormium available at UBER

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bohemian Uber

Uber (Chapter 2)

Another Uber look and this one is definitely a little more bohemian than the last outfit I posted. The knotted Zenith dress is really sweet, has nice lines, isn't too baggy and a nice low back to show just enough skin. The Truth hair is really pretty, long fishtail braid down the back with a choice of adding cute little flowers or butterflies as accents and the wedge shoes from Eudora add some height so the dress doesn't overwhelm. The pillows come with the Kalopsia Gipsy Shack you see pictured as well as the rug you see inside. Just barely visible inside is a nice boho bench from junk, the candle lantern is from there also. Almost forgot! I added some Maxi Gossamer jewelry keep the style going. I am definitely feeling the boho vibe with this look.

Dress: =Zentih= Bohemian Tie Knot Long Skirt in Blue available at Uber
Shoes: Eudora 3D Revierie Wedges in Cyan available at Uber
Hair: Truth Delphine Ginger Pack available at Uber
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Faylinn Flower Charms
Rings: Maxi Gossamer Talia Cluster Rings

Building: Kalopsia Gipsy Shack with Pillows, Rug and Curtains available at Uber
Bench and Candle: junk. Boho Spring Bench and Small Lantern in Gold available at Uber

Waiting For My Ship to Come In

Uber (Chapter 1)

Uber opened today and I was excited to go! I kept hitting that tp button til I finally got in and it was so worth it! The theme this round is Bohemian, and there is a lot of really boho things, this outfit didn't quite strike me as true bohemian but I did like it a lot. This is something I would wear to the lake when it's still just a slight nip in the air early and late in the day. It's a nice  casual laid back look that is a little dressier than jeans and a sweatshirt. The outfit is from MotiAme, the hair Wasabi Pills both available at Uber. I paired it with a simple Maxi Gossamer whistle necklace, Phunk canvas sneakers and stole a bag from the men's department at ISON. All in all a simple but stylish look.

Cardigan and Top: MotiAme Cardigan with Cropped Shirt in Gray
Skirt: MotiAme  Slim Striped Skirt in Black
Hair: Wasabi Pills Abby in Cinnamon
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Vintage Race Whistle
Shoes: Phunk Low Top Sneakers
Bag: ISON Canvas Bucket Bag in Navy